How to Raise Your Sales Managers Effectiveness in 1:1 Sales Meetings

How to Raise the Effectiveness of Your 1:1 Sales Meetings

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In this week’s issue, we’ll look at how sales managers can use data to improve the effectiveness of one to one meetings.

Increasing, productivity is an objective of most sales managers and the only measure of sales productivity is £Profit generated. It’s worth restating that your most productive rep is not the one that works the longest hours and makes the most calls it’s the one that generates the most profit, though often these are the same people.

Quality coaching from sales management improves productivity and the aim of a 1:1 sales meeting is to review the health of opportunities in the pipeline and coach successful outcomes, but for most teams 90% of meeting time is spent bringing managers up to date with each opportunity through recollections and anecdotes with just 10% of time spent coaching. Factor into this the hit and miss nature of recollections, bias, misreads and sandbagging and not only is coaching time short it is often targeted at the wrong situation.

How to improve the effectiveness of 1:1 meetings

In short, your sales data can eliminate the need for lengthy deal updates. Gathering and visualising data from across your organisation including, CRM, email, calendars, etc. and shown through pipeline stages provides an accurate and instant view of your reps opportunities allowing you to see straight away each opportunities true and unbiased situation removing the need for reps long and often inaccurate deal updates, improving the time and quality of coaching.

Improve 1:1 effectiveness, gathering and visualising your sales activity data:

  1. Eliminates time wasted on updates
  2. Gives an accurate view of opportunity health
  3. Uncovers the appropriate next steps
  4. Maximises the time for coaching
  5. Increases win rates
  6. Improves resource management

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