Helping sales leaders transform the performance of distributed sales teams in the machinery and equipment sector

It’s time to think beyond CRM Dashboards. 

Sales managers working in the dark? Relying on CRM reports, spreadsheets and updates from reps to create forecasts, manage pipeline health and coach reps? When you factor in changing recollections, assumptions and bias it’s easy to see this entirely self reported data is flawed.

We’ll show you how organisations with Best-in-Class pipeline management capabilities outperform competitors operating standard capabilities by achieving higher win rates and shorter sales cycles that drive revenue and reduce conversion costs.

How We Can Help

Based on the principal that best-in-class standards unlock higher levels of performance we help sales leaders transform their pipeline management and sales forecasting capabilities. We’ll help you combine optimised data with simplified, streamlined processes to unlock higher levels of performance and reduce conversion costs

Digital Exhaust

Capture and optimise your sales systems data gathered from across your organisation

Streamlined Process

Align to your customers journey, processes to support a structured, results driven approach.

OneView Platform

Combine your streamlined processes and optimised data to view your deals in context

What to Expect


Average reduction in deal conversion costs


Average increase in win rates


Average increase in sales rep productivity

Client Results

As resellers reshape and focus on their most valuable customer segments working with Impactive Solutions, MachineryResellerCo modernised their pipeline management and sales forecasting capability to make them more systematic and guided by data

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4 Steps to a Best-in-Class Capability

01 Sales Leaders Briefing

This briefing is designed to answer the key questions: How will a Best-in-Class Pipeline and Forecasting capability improve performance? what problems will be solved? and what are the bankable benefits?

02 DETECT - Assessment

A consultant led assessment designed to breakdown and benchmark your current capability vs best-in-class, prioritise and plan improvements and provide a fully costed business case

03 DEVELOP - Framework

Built from the ground up our framework supports the development of a data driven culture and provides a blueprint for your best-in-class pipeline management and sales forecasting capability

04 OneView - Product

Using the blueprint as a template our analytics app gathers data from across your organisation to create accurate forecasts, deal insights, a near live view of your pipeline health and underpins highly productive 1:1s


Where are the gaps in your pipeline management?