We help ambitious sales leaders unlock their data to drive revenue & reduce conversion costs

What we do

Based on the principal that Best-in-Class standards unlock higher levels of performance we help sales leaders drive revenue and reduce conversion costs with Best-in-Class pipeline management and sales forecasting capabilities

How we can help you

1. Sales Leaders Briefing

This briefing is designed to answer the key questions: How will a Best-in-Class Pipeline and Forecasting capability improve performance? what problems will be solved? and what are the bankable benefits?

2. DETECT - Assessment

A consultant led assessment designed to breakdown and benchmark your current capability vs best practice, prioritise and plan improvements and provide a fully costed business case

3. DEVELOP - Framework

Built from the ground up our framework helps to develop a data driven culture and provides a blueprint for your sales teams pipeline management and sales forecasting capability

4. OneView - Product

Using the blueprint as a template our app gathers data from across your organisation to create accurate forecasts, deal insights, a near live view of your pipeline health and underpins highly productive 1:1s


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